Nanny State is so low in alcohol that it is below the legal classification of ‘beer', but as with many beers found on the alcohol-free shelves, it is not 0.0%. The process we use in the brewing of Nanny State retains a tiny percentage of the alcohol in the final beer (equivalent to 0.5% abv), rather than harshly stripping everything out and leaving a flavourless, characterless beer. In fact, the level of alcohol contained within Nanny State is the same as that found in some juices. As with all beers of 0.5% alcohol by volume, the percentage level is clearly marked on the bottle and whilst we feel that a beer at that strength is the best option out there for people looking for an alternative, we appreciate it cannot be for everyone!

Nanny State contains 8 calories per 100ml, which is about 26 cals per bottle.