BrewDog PLC shares are divided into 3 classes: there are ‘A’ Ordinary Shares, ‘B’ Ordinary Shares and Preferred ‘C’ Ordinary Shares. The Shares which are available through our previous and current EFP offerings are ‘B’ Ordinary Shares.

The rights which attach to the shares are generally the same, and are set out in the Articles of Association of the Company, with the main differences being: 

  • ‘B’ Ordinary Shares are the only class of shares which carry EFP benefits, such as the discounts, birthday beers, exclusive access to first releases and all the other good stuff which being an EFP brings;· 
  • Preferred ‘C’ Shares carry certain rights if the company is ever sold or listed on the stock exchange. 
All shares have a Nominal Value of £0.001 in the Share Capital of the Company; this is not the same as the Market Value, which is determined as the price which the Shares would trade at on the open market. The Market Value can and does fluctuate, but the Nominal Value will only ever change by Resolution of the Company. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to raise a ticket with the team.