At BrewDog, we believe in investing in the two things we care about most: our beer and our people. Our current policy is to reinvest all profits to fuel further growth and development.


We have been the fastest growing food and drinks company in the UK for the past five years, and we have big plans for the future. We are looking to raise an initial £10 million in Equity for Punks V, with a stretch goal of £50 million.

With your investment, we will be able to grow faster, and move more quickly to meet the ever-increasing demand for our beers. Here are some deets on how we will use your investment:


The Overworks - £3 million

We have been planning for our new sour beer facility in Ellon for 18 months, and your investment will enable us to turbo-charge our progress here. The investment from Equity for Punks V will enable us to move faster, grow this side of our business quicker, and launch a range of incredible beers.


New Ellon Brewhouse- £5 million

Our brewery in Aberdeenshire serves all markets across Europe, and with our existing capacity being far outstripped by demand, we are now in a position to further extend our capacity and allow for even more beer to be produced in our homeland Scotland.


Infrastructure - £2 million

We are forecasting to more than double our production output over the next 12 months so we need to invest in people, systems, warehousing space, and operations capabilities to be able to facilitate this expansion and provide a platform for future growth.