As an Equity Punk you are entitled to the awesome discounts below

Discounts in BrewDog Bars

Discounts available to our lovely Equity Punks are as follows:

  • Equity for Punks discounts (5/10%)
  • Equity for Punks daytime discount (15%)* – does stack with Equity Punk discount
  • Growler discount (1/3 Off draught beer price) – does stack with Equity Punk discount
  • Designated Driver discount (15%) - does stack with Equity Punk discount
  • BrewDog Bond discount (10%) – does not stack with Equity Punk discount
  • TAKEAWAY PRICING - With the bottle pricing, you're paying the takeaway price, and adding corkage if you decide to sit in. Your Equity Punk discount does still apply.

Birthday Beers

Your birthday beer is one BrewDog draught beer from one of our bars, on your actual birthday. You claim this by going up to the bar and saying “I’m a lovely Equity Punk and it’s my birthday!”, and showing them your Equity Punk ID and some photo ID (e.g. something with your date of birth on it).

International Bars

Our international bars offer Equity for Punks discounts and birthday beers, but the other discounts listed above are unique to our UK bars

* Day time discount is only applicable Monday to Friday until 5pm or on the weekends from opening until 12:30pm