We can’t patrol every street and city centre – so you guys helping us is the best way to ensure we can open a BrewDog bar where you live.

When you are pounding the streets, here is the skinny on whar you should be looking out for

· Bar Sites - 2,000 – 4,000 square feet in size (185 – 370 square metres)

· Brewpub Sites – over 5,000 square feet (465 square metres)

· Ground floor location, all on one level preferred.

· Prominent frontages with lots of cool windows are ideal!

· Corner sites always work well

We love bars – but we very much love brewpubs – the larger size means that they are more challenging to discover but having freshly-brewed BrewDog craft beer on site makes the searching all the more worthwhile. So, with all of that written in your notebook, where exactly should you get searching? Well we are after locations anywhere that you think we would fit in but we are paying particular attention to the following UK locations...

Anything you uncover, in those areas or further afield, make a note of the particulars and then when you’re back at a computer (or can hit your smartphone keys with shaking fingers) get in touch with our man on the road Andrew Statham andrew.statham@brewdog.com! It could be the best email you ever send.

However you all know that we embrace the world of craft beer so we are also looking for potential locations to add a BrewDog bar or brewpub overseas. The same size and style guidelines apply internationally, and if you find a suitable place for us to plant a flag in any of these cities, then contact Stephen Allsop (stephen.allsop@brewdog.com).