To legally transfer/gift any shares currently held in your name to another individual - we will need you to fill in a wee form.

If you could please complete the Stock Transfer Form (“STF”) attached and then return it to Computershare - the legal registrars that would be fab! Instructions on how to do this are included below.


Complete the STF sections as follows: 


1 – insert NIL if the money paid for the transfer of shares is nil; 

2 – insert, BrewDog plc; 

3 – insert,  B Ordinary Shares of 1p; 

4 – insert in figures and words the amount of shares to be transferred; 

5 – insert the full name and address of the current shareholder.  Also, please insert the Shareholder Reference Number; 

6 – All current shareholders must sign the STF; 

7 – insert the name and address of the new shareholder; 

8 – ignore 

9 – This part must be completed.  If the transfer is a gift and no consideration is payable, please complete Certificate 2 and sign the appropriate box and complete the capacity, e.g. transferor.   If consideration is payable, please review the notes and complete as appropriate. 


Next - A transfer of shares must be supported by your share certificate. We now issue electronic share certificates and your share certificate is available to view on your Investor Centre account at Please note - If you have invested in previous rounds of Equity Punks and still have your paper certificates these are no longer valid, as your shares have been subdivided to launch EFP IV. Your new certificate to reflect this will now be on Investor Centre. 

To register, you will need your Shareholder Reference Number  and the postcode for the address linked to your shareholding, or your country if you are outside the UK. 

You will find the share certificate in the My Documents section, so please log on to your account and print off a copy of the valid share certificate to support this transfer.   When you have your completed STF and supporting share certificate, please return these documents to Computershare below and they will make the necessary arrangements to transfer these shares for you :)


Contact Address: 


Computershare Investor Services PLC 

The Pavilions

Bridgwater Road 


BS99 6ZZ

Once the transfer has been completed, please email us a copy of the updated shares document, along with the full name, email and postal address of the receiver and we can get the accounts amended appropriately.