As part of the deal with TSG, (which you can read more about on our blog) we have received a £100million investment as part of a transaction from our amazing new partners. The full transaction results in a valuation of £1billion for BrewDog plc, in which you own shares. Check out the below chart to see how much your shareholding has increased in value since you invested in our company!  

TSG paid £13.80 per head over to your account and get that calculator out


The investment means BrewDog can take its five-year plan, and execute it in a much shorter period. As an Equity Punk, this means you can expect to see your investment work even harder, as we look to take advantage of the global expansion opportunities for our company.


Thanks so much for all your support so far, we hope you’re as excited about the investment from TSG as we are! 

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.