For now and until the company decides to list the stock on NASDAQ or another stock exchange, there will be no “public market” to sell shares and therefore, no fluctuation (up or down) in price. In other words, private shareholders can sell shares if they can find buyers, but they cannot go to eTrade or Merrill Lynch, etc. to buy or sell shares. There will be no market to look up the stock price and see what it is in the traditional sense when buying shares in a company.


The demand will not increase the value of the stock, because there is no market to drive such an increase, and no place to make such a trade.  Basically, BrewDog is still a "private company" for most purposes, even after publicly offering these shares. 


Eventually, our goal is to be listed on NASDAQ, but for now, our shares are not publicly traded on any exchange.


I hope this has helped to answer your question. Full terms and conditions of investing in Equity for Punks USA are listed in our Offering Circular. To check it out please follow this link